Jun 6, 2013

Girls of my heart

I recognize I am posting this right after the life hijacked post.
Despite death owning me... I do have piece of my life where I leave the grief briefly.

I absolutely love the young women in my ward.  I work with the Laurels and they are happiness.
They make me smile and I wish I could keep them all in high school for another five years. 

I Just love them and wanted to make a quick note that there are moments in my life I feel happy. 
My children, my husband, and these girls are sunshine.  Ok, of course the list is much longer, but today I am grateful I am their leader.  I think about them often and just wish I could keep them from  all the heartache life can sometimes throw at us.  A lot of heartache in my case. 

The time I spend with these girls allows me to recognize that I still might have a lot to offer others.

The picture is from a few months back.. their dance was fabulous.  
We are gearing up for girl's camp and I can't wait.  

I'm pretty sure girl's camp is going to be the highlight of my year!