Jun 18, 2013


A few weeks back I had a splendid visitor.  One of my roomies from BYU came to visit me for my birthday! Not really, she was here for a wedding, but it was pretty much on my birthday.

Kim is one of my favorite people alive... no lie.
My life long friend that time does not create space between, despite her living across the country.
She is just one of those people who you always want to be around because of her infectious personality.  I have a theory about the name Kim.  All Kim's are fabulous.  I have yet to come across a Kim that I didn't adore.  It just goes with the name.  Try it... you can't think of a Kim that you don't love.  It's universal.
This theory has come up previously in my life and everyone loves Kims.    

We talked about difficult things (always have to get that out of the way now that my life is difficult) and then we redeemed our sad conversations with calling two of our roommates we haven't heard from sine BYU.  It was such a fun night remembering so many hilarious stories.  Remembering how fun it was to live together made me miss my previous life.  I can see so clearly my life in that apartment and how wonderful my future looked. There was nothing that was out of grasp.
Things have definitely changed.

I was one of Kim's bridesmaids and she sent me her wedding video when we were waiting for Mia'a heart.  Once I watched her video I posted the request for wedding videos.  I loved watching them. Hopefully I don't have any wedding videos still in my possession.

I love you Kim, and know next time I see you it will be just like it was at BYU.