Jun 13, 2013

Smiley Creek

For Mother's Day weekend we drove up to beautiful Idaho to Smiley Creek for the weekend.
The Jones family has a cabin up there, and we were excited to get away for the weekend.

It was a beautiful drive and we made a pit stop at a place called "the gold mine."  
The Lodge wasn't open, but that didn't stop us from taking pictures outside.  The sawtooth mountains look very much like a sawtooth... but I kept calling them "Shaaaarptooth" from land before time.  That show has always made me cry.  

The very very best part of the cabin is "The PIT" 
Next to the fireplace is an actual pit filled with blankets and pillows. 
The kids jumped into the pit non stop.  Sammers got a little wild and started jumping on people who were innocently sitting in the pit.  He was a wild man when it came to the pit.
Ok, ok... he is wild every minute of every day. 

The kids wanted me to take pictures of their stunts going into the pit.  
I love Sammers little body high in the air.  

Maya did Ellie's hair... and mine. 
Jense found a new instrument... his leg.
Chris played an actual instrument... his guitar while simultaneously entertaining Sammer.

We made a trek up to the hot pots, but when we got there the river was too high and the scorching hot water went straight into the freezing water.  I still can't believe that the water comes out of the ground that hot. Sammers threw some rocks while he had the chance. 

We also spent a lot of time playing "pig."  I'm not sure why it's called "pig", but it involves sticks, an empty soda can, and holes in the dirt.  We laughed a lot playing this game.
Ells was surprisingly good at pig... me? not so much.     

Just in case you wanted to see my awesome outfit.  We had our hair in crazy buns... my buns were in in a mohawk... but they fell due to the amount of running around like crazy. 

Jense was all about the fire in the evenings.  He started his own fire a couple of times.

Ells and Brookie sleepin' in the pit.  I'm positive this is the sweetest picture ever. 
I'm glad Ells has these two girls to love her.  She needs as much love as she can get!

I like the word sundries.  

Treats in the car

JB slept in the pit for a long long time. 

He slept through the family wrestling match.  Every single day of my life is wrestling match day with Sammers.  My new name is jungle gym.  He just wants to be climbing and jumping on me at all times.  Luckily I got him to snuggle for a few minutes.

Playin' in the the fort. 
Sam wants to wear is dino jammies every day.  He has gone through a stretch of several months insisting they go back on right after he gets dressed for the day.  He has Dino's and firetrucks that we rotate.  It is going to get really hot pretty soon so we'll have to hide the jammies. 

Ells Cleaned house a little bit.  On a rare occasion she is super organized! :-)

Kids watching for "flying squirrels " Still not convinced this isn't the same as snipe hunting, but all the kids fell asleep waiting for the alleged squirrels to fly in. 

Yep, JB can do a toe touch... an almost toe touch.  
He finally proved to Chris and Weesie that he's got skills.
Makes me laugh every time I see him do a toe touch!

Mama's and kiddos.  I wish my little girl was in this picture!  She loves the water. 

We managed to pry the jammies off of him. :-)

We Celebrated birthdays, enjoyed the fire, played pig, relaxed, ate delicious food, celebrated mother's day, had some orange peel wars, snuggled, and most of all laughed a lot.  
Lots and lots of laughing!

On mother's day we were spoiled with lots of little gifts and ate banana coconut pancakes.  The syrup is to die for.  I am not a pancake person, but you drizzle this syrup on anything and I'll eat it.  My friend Julie introduced me to the yummiest pancakes on the planet.  
Now my kids think it should be an every other day breakfast.  So yummy! 

Thank you so much "Hones" family for inviting us to your beautiful cabin! It was the first weekend that I didn't spend everyday crying for awhile.  It was a beautiful distraction. We loved it!
Also, thanks for most of these pictures! :-)