Jun 9, 2013

Worker Boy

Jense walked in the door a month ago and proudly announced:
"Mom! i got a job... a real job."
I knew he was outside with JB, so I figured John had "hired" him to do something. 
He got a real job... not from his dad.
One of our neighbors asked him to mow his lawn.
His first question of his need carrer was:
"Sooo do I call him Phil or do I call him boss?"
Jense being the little worker that he is jumped at the chance and is feeling pretty awesome that he has his first official jobby job. 
He's quite the little mower if any of you locals need your lawn mowed.  

A few weeks after he was hired to mow the lawn, he got another job from the same man. 
He asked him to turn the water on and off on his fields.  Here he is in action turning off the water. He is a regular old farming boy now.  

My parents who are well versed in watering and moving pipe have to be proud of this boy.  

He has to walk a ways to get to the other sprinklers... have I mentioned the beauty of where I live? 
It is just so beautiful here. 

While the boys were off tending to the pipes Ells spent her time playing on the gate. 

She kept requesting pictures of her standing "like this."
You can't really tell but these two pictures are separate poses.  
She can be such a goof! 

Hopefully Jense gets to do this for many summers to come.  
He is so excited he has a job and plans to save his money to buy a 4 wheeler.  
He can't get enough of motorized toys.