Jul 14, 2013

Birthday Love

Mia's birthday was difficult. I just wished I had a my little five year old here! I thought about her a lot on her birthday, and for the most part held it together.  Then I went to bed and didn't do so hot. This post is about celebrating her life. So many of my people sent love on her birthday. It is amazing how loved that little girl is. Thank you for all the beautiful texts, emails ands gifts. I feel so spoiled sometimes with the outpouring of love for our family. 
Mia's going to Heaven left a big hole in so many hearts!
I do really appreciate it, so thank you!

Here is all of Mia's Birthday Love. I know I forgot some pictures, so please forgive me if you texted me a picture and it is not here. I truly have the most supportive and lovely people in my life. Thank you for loving my girl on her birthday with me.

Mia's heart sister Sophia sent this little video- 
She is such a sweetheart-we love and miss her!  

Her mama also sent this quilt! It is beyond beautiful and I am so touched you sent this. 
Thank you so much Talia!  Give that Fia a squeeze from me!

Antie Beebs sent me a few video clips of Mia and Evie playing.  The two of them were two peas... when I look at Evie I can't help but see Mia. 

I just want to reach through the screen and scoop her up.  Her little body and smile warm my heart and also leave me feeling so deprived. I just need that little girl.  She is happiness! Thank you Beeps! I really appreciate you... a lot!

We decided to celebrate Mia's birthday in St. George.  Mostly we didn't want to stay home and needed a good distraction from her not being there at her own little party.  St. George is just vacationish enough and not too far away.  The pools were a hit... and so was "baby cow."

My sis Rae decided not to Swim so she was in charge of pictures.  
Sammers gives really intense kisses on the cheek- it makes me laugh every time.  
When I looked through the pictures, I was entertained by what she got. 

My girl Rebecca arranged for us to go see some shows at the Tuachan.  It is a beautiful outdoor theater.  We had some time before Mulan so we snapped a few pictures.  I really wanted to get a picture of my my sisters and mom together, but I think it's so hot down there that my brain was fried, and I completely forgot.  My mom, Rae, Nat, and Suz came down with us and I don't have a picture.   It was nice to have my sisters there. When I start to feel sorry for myself and how this year has taken a turn... I am reminded that I have five sisters.  And that is a huge blessing!
 I love them all!
  Rebecca, (my sixth sister) thanks so much for doing this!! 

There are a few shows that play there throughout the week.  We saw Mulan and Mary Poppins. Both shows were incredible, and I think we have a new tradition.  We have all being singing "Tuppence...tuppence....tuppence a bag." Our entire family cannot get the song unstuck.  

After the show we sang to Mia.  Not my favorite part of my life.  It is just mean she is not here... and we have to sing happy birthday to her with no little beaming smile.
Thanks Rae for all the ballons and cheese cake! It was a difficult moment, but next year I'm hoping it will be easier to celebrate.  
  In the morning we sent some balloons off.  Sammers cracks me up... he is the very best medicine for sorrow.  He is my giant grief band aid and I can't get enough of him. 

Before the show we got to tour the Tuachan. Ellie loved all of the wigs... and I loved the water misters.  Again, so hot!  I don't think I could get anything done if I lived in St. George.  Rae found a really really cute condo at Las Palmas.  The decor was beautiful.  I loved the "you are my sunshine" decoration.  You know the song... "aint no sunshine when she's gone..." i sing that in my head all the time.  It is not by choice, it's become a theme song for my life.  There is sunshine, and my other kiddos provide a lot of sunshine, but somehow that song creeps in almost daily.  

Nat was with me on her birthday, but I haven't posted about this, so I'll include it here.  Last month when Nat was visiting Brandi in Hawaii she sent off a lantern for Mia.  I love everything about the lantern floating ceremony, and want to do it myself someday. It is so beautiful and it hurts my heart to know how much Nats misses Mia.  She is so special to Nats and I feel like every time I see her I come up empty handed.  Nats and Mia have their own bond.   Thank you Nat- this is so beautiful!  

Beautiful Chloe celebrating miss Mia. Thank you Chloe!

My Washington Family sending lanterns up for Mia.  So touching!
Thank you all so much! I wish we could have been there with you... than you for doing this!

More cousins on Mia's birthday- so sweet!
My heart sister Ali ate donuts on Mia's birthday, and gave me a beautiful gift too! 
Thank you Ali!!

The lanterns are so beautiful in the evening!  
Thanks again for doing this- I'm so grateful to have a family who cares so much!

Washington friends/family sending more lanterns and balloons.  
Thanks Rachel for sending me the pictures- and for the dinner in St. George!  It was delicious!
Oh that little Leo... I was supposed to be there when he was born, but he snuck down to earth a day early.  Post coming soon. 

My kiddos called her "Lorgan" but her real name is Morgan- orchestrated this balloon launch. 
It's fun to see the faces of people we miss and love!
Thanks Morgan- you are the cutest thing EVER! 
I wish you were coming to BYU so you could just come live with me on the weekends.  
Isn't that what college is all about? ;-)

Thanks to everyone there- Reynolds, Savoldis, and Hudgins, Whittingslows-  from what I can make out. Getting this pictures on her birthday was so touching! Thank you!! 

My favorite teenagers!  The young women came and gave me a hug before we left for St. George, and then they took Ballons up to the cemetery while I was gone.  I just love them all! Thank you girls/leaders- you are so good to me!

High School bestie Shelley and fam eating cupcakes on Mia's special day!
Thanks so much for being so supportive all these years!

My girl Ann sent us a package full of goodies. This is a puzzle of our family. 
Thanks Ann for all the love! 

The week of Mia's birthday we got a package from the Young Women in our Washington ward.  It's interesting how I will always call it "our ward in Washington."  It's the kind of a ward you don't leave... so, as long as the Ridgecrest ward exists we will claim membership.  Many of the young women were a part of Mia's life.  One in particular sent a beautiful letter in the package.  Jessica, thank you for your beautiful words!  You were always so good to Mia, and I'm glad she got to spend time with you!  Your memories made me laugh and cry! Thank you!  I miss you all- and thanks for the candy sushi.  The kids ate it ALL within five minutes. :-)

The Eugenio, Pierce, and Hudgins fams and grandma - sending lanterns to Mia.
Grandma Conway sent a lot of lanterns this year! Thank you so much for the love from afar! 
Also, thank you for the gift in the mail!!

I love that CP's message said he misses her slow blink... she flirted with him so much.  I can so vividly see that slow blink.  I miss it too CP- so much!  I love you all for doing this. It truly warms my heart that she has so many people loving her and celebrating her life.  

You are all my people and I love you!!

I am so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life.  
It does so much for my heart to know that my people miss her, and recognize her birthday. 
Also, thanks for all the pics Rebecca! You know me too well. 

The video of the balloon launch. 

Miss Laura Hofheins made this cake!
She is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart!
She received a heart transplant over 20 years ago. 
I remember the first time I met her... she completely made my day. 
The entire drive home I was planning Mia's next 20 years.  
Thank you Laura for this, and for providing hope to all the heart moms!
You will always inspire me and I'm lucky to know you. 

My blog is mostly picture driven, but know that all of your messages of love for Mia are very appreciated.  I have to say a special thank to so many members of IHH for remembering Mia's birthday.  Heart mom's are amazing! Many sweet messages on her birthday were from my heart moms... some mom's that are angel moms themselves, and know what is is to feel love on their angels day. Thank you again! 
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who celebrated her life with me. 

Again (last time promise), thank you for the cards, emails, texts, voicemails, gifts, and lantern/balloon launches.
I miss her so much and all of your love made the day less painful!

I love you all for loving my girl!

Happy Birthday Mia girl- so many people miss you!