Jul 22, 2013

Father's Day

JB had to work on Father's Day, so we had a quick Fathers day dinner.  
He opened his gifts from the kids and he was off to work. 
He had just opened his fancy oil in this picture.  
John is a lover of fancy oils and vinegars... so am I. 
There is a place in Park City that is amazing if you are into fancy oil/vinegars as well. 

Happy Father's Day kisses!

Daddy with the kids... and some cousins.  

After daddy left Sammers and Sid got busy coloring themselves with markers and painters tape. 
Sam looks over joyed. 
Sammers is into everything. I clean up at least one mess per day. 
He sure is cute and says the cutest things so he probably gets away with more than he should. 
Earlier today when I walked into his room he said, "come on in little lady."
He is a riot.  

He also announces his presence with, "Here I am!! your main man."

He of course gets his goofy sayings from his daddy. 
Thanks JB for teaching our kids to be stinkin' hilarious like yourself.  
You are the greatest of daddy's!
I wish I could give you your baby girl for a day... I know how much you miss her.  

Happy Father's Day!