Jul 22, 2013

Girl's Weekend

I am finally catching up.  After this post... I failed to write about how lovely it was to see all of the ladies on John's side.  My experience in the airport was sad, and it was a little sad in Seattle too because there are little reminders of Mia everywhere.  I remember her trying to step on all the fish that line the airport walk way.  Part of my brain is dedicated to remembering every little thing about her.  Some memories are soothing, but most make me long for her and then I go through my own form of withdrawal   I say this almost every post, but I just need that girl.

 This was the view from the beautiful cabin we stayed in this year.     

All of the ladies-
I was super pumped Elizabeth came!! Now we just need to rope in Malea and April and it will be complete.  I'm crossing my fingers that Jesse's girl friend enters the family because I really like her... then we will be complete. :-)
Ells had a dance performance so I left my camera at home for him to video her with.
I relied on everyone else's photos.  Thank ladies for sending them to me. 

Me and Liz. 
She is the mommy to the most dainty little baby girl- Emersyn.  
I really love her (both of them) and really love that name!
Little Emmie is a doll.
Liz is my go to for music.  I have quite the collection of mixed tapes (cd's) from her... and I love all the tunes she makes for me!  She recently sent our family a huge package full of gifts and encouragement.  She has dealt with loss and has beautiful things to say and has a beautiful life.
Thanks Liz for everything you have said/done for me!

Trying to blog about something that happened a few months ago is difficult.  There was a significance to this tree and now I don't remember.  
It is really really big... and one day it fell over. 
We climbed it and had a goat yelling contest.  

We went and hiked.... somewhere.
I think I need to call one of these ladies and remember where we were!  

update: The Cabin was at Lake Cushman, and this hike is called staircase rapids. Thanks beebs!

Auntie Beebs- you should know her by now. 
She's got the most rockin' hair cut on the planet.  
She truly looks stunning wit her fancy do.... and don't under estimate those jazz hands!

We had a lot of fun with Shanna's IPhone- she got some face morphing app on her phone that provided many a laughs.  She sent me some, but I might be disowned if I post them.  There is a picture of Beth and one of Shanna that makes me belly laugh, and sometimes I pull them up because I am guaranteed to laugh. They are so good!

We got a little crazy with the pictures.  There were some good hair flipping ones, but this is the only one she sent me.  

Oh look- maybe that is the app... cam wow.  
I am not privy to such luxuries. 
Yes.. we are posing like that on the bridge- so!
The hike was really beautiful, and if you live in Washington you should definitely put that hike on your list.  

Games games games.  
It's not girl's weekend without games!

One of the games was the favorite game, well it's not so much a game but we give each other our favorite things.  We did this last year and it stuck. I came home some fabulous goodies!  I should have written them all down.  My favorite thing I shared with the ladies was this perfume.  I ordered samples, but they didn't show up so I had to go into sephora and get it. They were super nice.  I loove that perfume- and it doesn't give me a headache.  

We also celebrated Liz, Heather, and Shila's birthdays.
Happy birthdays ladies.  Back in May :-)

Me and the sweetest of baby girls. 
I think I need one... 

Despite not getting off to a good start I truly enjoyed myself.  
Thank you ladies for the welcome distraction and for the annual making of beautiful memories.
I love you all and look forward to next year!

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