Jul 4, 2013

Last Year

One year ago today was a perfect day.
Mia was in love with the fireworks. 
She wanted to do sparklers over and over and kept asking to do them days after the 4th. 
When she was taking a break from all of her sparkling, she spent time mastering her somersault. 
I remember so keenly her rolling over and over.  
Mia and Sammers would laugh hysterically when Mia would crash into Sam. 
So happy! So perfect!

Last year we were whole... we were happy. 

Her little Minnie jammies are still in her jammie drawer.... I just wish I could have her back. 
Everyday is a struggle, everyday is difficult without her. 

It won't be the same watching the fireworks without our girl. 

Last year was her last 4th of July.
If I had only known.