Jul 3, 2013

Mia's birthday

Well, I was really hoping that somehow I wouldn't have to face her 5th birthday.  Not sure how I was going to avoid it, I just thought perhaps I might be spared.  Mia's birthday is in five days and I would usually be finishing up preparations for her birthday party.  I am a long time lover of the birthday party.  My mind has tortured me about the details of what she would have picked this year. I plan her party over and over in my mind and then devastation sets in and my heart can't handle the truth that she will not be here to blow out her candles.

We will be celebrating as a family.   I'm hoping we will all survive the day.  Her birthday is on the 8th if any of you Mia fans want to send a balloon to heaven, or eat cake, or celebrate however you would like.  If you get a chance, send me a picture of you celebrating her life.

The queen of funny faces!  I miss her silly poses so much.  She turned into a little clown when I got the camera out.  If only I could have her back for her birthday.  I need to see the excitement on her face and hear her little gasp each time she opens a gift.  

Mia girl- your mommy misses every little thing about you.