Aug 30, 2013

Heart Camp 2013

The kids were so excited about heart camp! Sooo excited!  
To see Mia, you can read about heart camp 2012. 
I miss that little girl so much.  Everything about her. EVERY LITTLE THING!  
When I read blogs from one year ago it feels like she was just here... 
I remember her wearing her minnie shirt, that skirt her  nana made her, the sun hat to protect her. 
I just need her back and need to hear one of her jokes. 
There is a gaping hole in my heart that only my Mia can fill. 
Ohhhhhhh- why is she gone? 

I love this little photo of Sammer. 
Taking refuge from the heat under this tree... 

More little man.  

Heart camp was not short on darling girls named Ellie.  

Hot on her Heels... Sammers followed sister around like a loyal little puppy. 
Ellie is so good to Sam and it is not surprising that he wants to be with her all the time. 
Ellie is such a natural little mother and takes care of her little people. 
I wish she had her little sister to love on as well. 

IHH family
They are the best of the best of people. 
They go through extremely difficult things and are genuinely some of greatest people I know.

A lot of work went into planning the carnival at IHH camp.  
Kristen, one of the heart moms put together all of these fabulous games.  
The kids loved them!

Camp ended with this magician. He was actually really good.  He also made me laugh which is always a bonus.  Heart camp was fun this year... we missed Mia so much, but the kids really enjoyed it and can't wait for next year.