Aug 24, 2013

Stadium of Fire

Now that my twos are back in school, it's time to catch up.  
There is a lot of catching up, but I guess I'll start here. 

We went to Stadium of Fire with the Hellewells and "unca jim."
The last time I went to stadium of fire was when John and I were dating.
He likes to tell a story of how I hit the gas right when he was drinking a milk shake and it got all over him.  It's true... I did that... but not on purpose.
We went to Stadium of Fire with his shirt covered in chocolate.

Fast forward 13 years...this time he had a clean shirt.

Ellie and Roxie were really excited about "call me maybe" girl singing.  Around this house we know artists by their songs... not their names.  We also saw Kelly Clarkson which was great!  There was a cute woman next to us in the stands who was dancing pretty much the entire time.  Not just feeling the beat dancing... she was going to town.  Jim and JB got the biggest kick out of her because she never let up... while her husband just sat peacefully in his seat.  It wasn't just one or two songs... she was dancing like her life depended on it through both sets of artists.
Oh my... we had extra entertainment the entire night.

It was a great night-
The music-
The patriotism-
The fireworks-
Cirque du soleil-
Good friends-
Thanks for the lovely evening.