Aug 6, 2013

Still Here

Thank you for all the concerned emails.
It's nice to know I have people who want to read what I write.
I appreciate your kind words and am sorry I didn't post for awhile. 

My lack of writing is a combination of just being really sad and not wanting to do much of anything, being out of town, and trying to figure out what I want for my life now that my Mia is in Heaven.  My life just looks so different... It feels different. 

I do love my little corner of the internet and don't think I could stay away for long, but I just feel at a standstill in my life.  I need to figure out how to progress and enjoy my life.  

Despite my best efforts to honor my little Mia and continue being Mimi, I am battling a daily army of sadness that for the past few weeks seems to be gaining ground. 

I have so many happy life moments to catch up on, and hope to be back to writing about it all. 

Again, thanks for caring about my little family and about this broken mama heart of mine. Many of you I don't know personally, but I love you!

Completely unrelated, but here is a little hello from Ells. 
She was getting ready for a performance and asked me to take a picture of her with her eyes, 
"doing this." Her requests crack me up, and she keeps me busy.

She is my heart!