Sep 8, 2013

10 Years OLD Surprise

This is the last birthday post for awhile... now that I have officially caught up from his last birthday. A few months back Jense mentioned that he thought it would be neat to have a surprise party someday.  He had got the idea of a surprise party from watching a movie.  I made a mental note to plan one for him.  I was a little nervous about planning a surprise party because I thought someone one would fill him in and it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.  To my surprise he was completely surprised.  He couldn't tell me what kind of party he wanted, so I went on a hunch and did a  minecraft theme.  When Jense's birthday party would come up I would just tell him that we would get through Swiss Days and then plan it.  Two days before his birthday he told me that this year he wanted a minecraft party.  I was so relieved to hear this because it would have been minecraft regardless. :-)

I don't really know much about minecraft other than my kids like to play it.  I know you build things, and it is very pixilated... that is all I know.  Luckily there were some great minecraft party ideas online.  I made this cake with the help of my mom, and Nats ended up assembling the blocks while I waiting on the balloon lady for what seemed like 45 minutes.  JB helped me make the little blocks and minecraft figures.  As usual, It was a group effort. He loved it! Which is all that matters.

I found some printables here and here So many cute ideas online.  
For the creeper juice I used the small Gatorade, but forgot the labels. 

Sam and Syd were little buddies the entire party.  

Creeper Pinata

John boy brought him home for the surprise.  
He forgot a blind fold so he used Ellie's Swiss Chorus skirt.  That works. 

Surprise Jense!!  

He loved being surprised!  
I'm so glad he loved it... I just want this boy to be happy. 

He immediately got on his creeper shirt, and Steve head

Suz as Steve

Ells was in charge of the "Red stone" snow-cones.  
This was right up her alley... she LOVES making things and giving them to people. 

For one of the games we made TNT explosions.  
The kids loved this!  

One of the boys timed his perfectly and his bag exploded in the air. 

Pinata time!

The kids played a balloon relay-

Our little family.
Ells wearing her minnie shirt for Mia. 
Jense has sad eyes in this picture... he was injured during the candy mayhem, but he shook it off. 

The wind was not on our side, so we had to stand in the doorway for him to blow out the candles. 

One last gift arrived-

His new bunny "bun bun!"  
He is so excited about his bunny.  John and I have never been big fans of pets, but this is the year we don't want to disappoint our children.  He really wanted a bunny, so a bunny is what he got.   
So far we are loving the bunny!  When we let him run around he jumps up on the couch and sits on my lap.  It is the sweetest thing.  Sammers loves "bun bun" and learned quickly not to put his fingers in the cage.  Jense is taking great care of him, and knew that if anyone could have a pet... it is him.  A big thanks to BrookLin for taking care of bun bun until the party.  
Thanks also to my family who helped me get ready for the party!  

Happy Birthday Jense!
We love you so much! 
I can't believe you are a whole DECADE old!