Sep 15, 2013

Dance For Mia!

*post written months ago... even though it says I've been putting it off. 

I have been putting off writing this post mostly because it breaks my heart.  Everything seems to break my heart, but this truly physically hurts.  I miss her.
I just kept thinking of the previous year... and just can't believe my life is what it is now. 

The Waspette Spectacular was a beautiful tribute to my sweet little Mia.  

When I got there Sammers was being a ham and had a kiss attack by the Waspettes.  
They have a mutual adoration thing going on.  He can't get enough of them, and it seems like the girls are disappointed when I show up without my little man.  He has a list of girls ready to take him on his first date... they will probably all be married by then, but he loves the attention.

He is really easy to love... AND he says the most adorable things day after day. 
I have been writing some of them down, but I can't keep up with this kid.  

Mia's Minnie saving seats for her family. 

Ells did a great job in her dance!
She loved the week leading up to the Spectacular because she got to be with Hailey and McKinley.

All of the Waspettes, Jordan, myself, and ells with the Mia Minnie.  
I am going to miss these girls tremendously.  

I know I missed out on much of their year, but I hope they all know how much I love them!
Cause I do!

I went home from the Spectacular and just cried!
The kind of crying where I can't stop.  The kind that hurts after awhile.  

I want her to be in the dance and I want to scoop her up after her performance. 
I am so sad she is not here and I think it is making me crazy! truly crazy!
I look at the picture that she should be in and instead there is a Minnie Mouse. 

I just want to rewind to when I had her... to when my heart was whole. 

I am grateful for the love of my daughter and all of the sweet emails.
It helps me not feel so rotten all of the time.   

I am so touched and so honored that the night was dedicated to her and all of the little girls were wearing a shirt with her on it that said dance for Mia!

My camera was being used to film the evening, but I wish I had a picture of all of the little girls sitting on the bleachers with purple balloons.  Thanks to the Jordan and the Waspette Moms for making is such a special evening!

Two of the Waspettes choreographed their own dance for Mia.
They are beautiful and I love them!
Here is the tribute to Mia (they used the same song as the 'for Jessica' video)

Dance For Mia from Mimi on Vimeo.