Sep 17, 2013

Ellie's Best Day

A few weeks back we got to tend a fellow heart mom's kiddos.  She has twin baby girls...
Ellie was on cloud nine.  She couldn't get enough of them, and insisted on doing all the mommy stuff.  She had helpers... but she was the one in charge :-)

We've been talking to Ellie a little bit about the possibility that at some point in the future we might want to adopt a baby.  She has her concerns and her questions, but for the most part is on board.

When the girls went home with her mom she was begging me to adopt the two of them.
She doesn't quite understand the process...

She said she only wants to adopt if it can be these two.

She had so much fun with them and it did my heart good to see Ellie so happy and enjoying two little girls for an afternoon.  Come back any time Annie!!