Sep 22, 2013

Heart Walk 2013

Nats and Cal gearing up for the walk-

Nana and Ells.  Nana made all the Mia arm bands.
I love them!
She also made some darling things to donate-
Luckily one of my sisters purchased them. I should have taken a picture!

SPIDEY! He was a huge hit with the CHD kiddos....well all the kiddos for that matter. 
Uncle Nathan has the physique of Spidey and dressed up in his Spidey suit and made an appearance with his Mia band on!

Spidey for Mia!

Sammers face when he spotted Spidey-
Love him!

Getting ready for the breakfast

This picture should not have made the cut, but for the first time I see what my neighbor was talking about when tried to convince me repeatedly that I resemble one of the elves in Lord of the Rings.  When he initially explained I didn't know whether it was a compliment or not... when I communicated my hesitancy toward the comment (didn't know if he was talking about some other Lord of the rings characters) he made it is mission to convince me that they are the most fair... yada yada race.  It's all in the ears.  Those pointy ears holding up my hair.   That's what he must have been talking about.  

Suz and Nats and babies- 
I love that Suz is wearing a purple jacket and Nats, purple pants!
My sisters sure know how to show up in Mia "pool pool."

Rae took all of these pictures! 
Thanks Rae!!


Spidey was so great with his little CHD fans!
Thanks so much uncle Nathan- you are great great!

Angel Ceremony-
Jensen was the announcer of our little angel

We released butterflies. 
It was really sad, but we made it through.
John was breaking my heart- he misses his little girl so much. 
If only I could hand her over for him to snuggle with. 
I never wanted to leave the hill... never ever!

Angel Families-
My sister Suzie made an Angel Poster for Mia. Thanks so much Suz!
It was beautiful!

Getting loved by all of my boys!
I just love my family-
Miss Mia... we miss you more than words can describe.  
I miss every little thing about you. 
It seemed like yesterday that you were there with us... rolling down the hill. 

Daddy won something in the drawing- yay daddy!

The fam- thanks so much for coming!

Funny Face for our Meena!
She was the princess of goofy faces!

Sammers was super tired, and had a cover my face in protest moment. 

Spidey was on the case-

Problem Solved!!
Thanks Spidey-

I love these arm bands- thanks so much mom!

The Heart Walk committee did a phenomenal job and the walk was a great success!
Thanks to everyone who came, and donated, and helped make the heart walk so wonderful!

While I'm blogging about an IHH event, I need to mention this!
There are some exciting things happening for Intermountain Healing Hearts.
We are hoping to better support families with CHD's
We need your help-
If you like Chili's and even if you don't ;-)  head on over and eat on October 1st.  
They are donating 15% of the sales to IHH. 
-Make sure you print off the flier and take it with you.