Sep 12, 2013

Heart Walk with my Mia 2012

One year ago we were at the annual heart walk for IHH.  
One  year ago we had it all!

Part of the heart walk is an angel ceremony-

Sadly, this year we will be a part of the angel ceremony. 
I am sad.  
I profoundly remember sitting on the hill in reverence to these families... the families whose heart children returned to Heaven.  I remember feeling overwhelming gratitude that my little girl was with my on that hill sitting in my lap.  I never imagined we would not be on the hill this year... not in a million years.  She was full of life and a little ball of energy!

I remember wholeheartedly believing that I would live my life and go to Heaven before Mia. 
I just knew it to be true. 
It was one thing I was confident in and had confirmation after confirmation of.

Perhaps I was too confident. I have been taught not to doubt... so I didn't doubt.
We all know what happened shortly after this heart walk...

Me and my two babies on my lap!
I have a bad habit of not taking any pictures and then making up for it at the end of the event. 
I do have pictures from the photo booth that day, I'll have to find those.
There are also some pictures of me and some heart moms floating around somewhere, but I don't have them.  I do love my heart mom friends!

After the walk Mia couldn't get enough of the hill.
She ran/ rolled down it over and over again. 
She loved it!
She was so happy!
We were all so happy! 
(except Ells who got hurt rolling down the hill)

Me and my baby girl just one year ago!
If only I could rewind to this day... I would never let her go!

This years heart walk is on this coming Saturday.
If you haven't registered and would like to come, here is the link.
There is going to be a lot of exciting things to bid on at the silent auction.

There will also be a guest appearance by Spiderman himself!

I did shoot a little video of the kids rolling down the hill.
Watching her little body rolling down the hill takes me right back to that day.
I love her face after she rolls down...
I love her daddy scooping her up....
I just miss her in our everyday moments.

Mia at IHH heart Walk from Mimi on Vimeo.