Sep 1, 2013

Jensen buddy big boy

Today my son is 10!!
That means I have been a mom for an entire decade. 
I have mixed feelings about this. 

Jense is such a good good kid and I just love him. 
He is showing signs of growing up, but is still my little man.
Things I want to remember about this boy:

- he talks about Mia often (which I love)
-he misses her a lot
-he asks a lot of questions about Heaven and what she's doing
-he isn't afraid to do something himself
-he changes tires on his bikes/dirt bikes like he has been doing it for years
- he loves doing "bike shop" with his dad
- really wanted a flat brimmed hat, and eventually got one
- says things like, "that is the from the five year old still in me."
- asks a lot of deep questions and is always thinking
- is a minecraft fanatic
- is generally fond of electronics, but also doesn't want to "ruin his brain."
- takes everything John and I tell him to heart
- decided he doesn't like fish anymore... just shrimp
- always ready for the next thing... and asks "what are we doing after this" often
- keeps his room clean, and lives by the rule that everything has it's place
- is a self proclaimed "king" of reading
- shows off his dance skills, but only to his family
- can't sleep without me singing to him, and scratching his back (I've created monsters)
- is always the first one to get on his knees for prayers
- prays for Mia every night and asks for blessings in her behalf
- is always concerned about how much sleep he got
- as part of going to bed he reminisces about his day talking about what was good and not so good. He keeps a mental score of how many good things he did that day. 
- Is a sensitive kid
- turns into a police man from time to time especially if his sister is up to no good
- learned the art of pestering his younger brother
- very easy going almost to a fault (story to come)
- rarely forgets to do anything
- very responsible and keeps track of everything
- not a fan of times tables
- loves music and has a play list of his favorites
- does his jobs when asked
- good little singer
- big word user
- gets really excited about fun things
- jumps up and down a lot
- beat boxer by trade
- affectionate
- the best breakfast cook in the house
- goofy 
- generally a sweet sweet kid
- all boy, but not much of a rough houser
- lover of all motor vehicles
- can still scream in a very high pitched tone
- talks to me about girls
- listens to 'radioactive' on a loop
- when he grows up he wants to pick up "extra shifts" just like his dad
- Thinks his dad is the best thing that ever was
- is always vocal about how great his life is with the exception of Mia being gone. 
- he mentions at least once a day how great his life would be if his sister were here. My sentiments exactly.  

Jensen is a my first born pleaser and I LOVE being his mom.  
I am so grateful to have him and know that I lucked out with this boy.  
Tonight when I was putting him to bed he said, 
"Mom, I don't know how to express (yes express) how grateful I am for the birthday you gave me... I loved it a lot!!"  
I love you Jense!
Happy Birthday!