Sep 28, 2013

Meeting Leo & Summer trip back

Two Washington trips ago this little guy show up on the scene. 
I flew to WA for the girls weekend and part of my trip was earmarked to be at the birth of baby Leo.
Well, he decided to come one day before I was planning to be there.  His mama and I had it all planned out... then I got a text of his baby mug while at the cabin.  I was sad I missed documenting his arrival, but so happy that he was here.  She'll just have to have another baby now so I'll be sure not to miss it. 
Must mention how darling Bets is in this picture!  

I saw this gem on her counter top the day I made it back to her house (1 day late)  and had to take a picture.  Remember Kim?  She is famous for singing this ridiculous song on your birthday.  It goes birthday... birthday... welcome to earth day... pink and wrinkled... and smaaaaal.  There are multiple verses but I'll refrain. She is a hoot, and when I saw this I meant to text it to her. 

Fast forward to the last Washington trip this summer.
Here is Mr. Leo... on a quilt my mama made for him. He seems to like it!
My mom is the sweetest quilt making/sending person around!
A good portion of these pictures are from Rebecca... I didn't even take my camera this time.

Leo and I got to know each other... turns out I'm his favorite!
He decided to give me his first laughs.  It's documented... no one can dispute this.  :-)
I love him and feel lucky that I got the very first flirts.
It's possible that he was laughing at my the mass of hay disguised as my hair.

I just love him!

The few days we were together could be summed up by saying it was a Sam and Betsey love fest!
These two were little peas in pod. They played together perfectly and I might have cried leaving mostly because Sammers needs good friends like Bets.  He misses his #1 playmate so much, and he doesn't really have someone like Mia or Bets to play with here.

Chatting up Leo-

John fell asleep like this...and slept there for a long time.
He is holding a toy hand mixer like it is a gun.  He cracks me up even when he's sleeping!!

We timed it just right to be in town for CP's birthday!!
Happy birthday Chris!

My bestie!
She has done so much for me over the years.
If you're new here... search "rebecca" on my blog and you'll be filled it.


John boy ran into a friend from high school and was talking to her while we were taking photos... he was there.  While we ate he told us some awesome stories about high school that cracked me up.
I guess I haven't heard all his stories after all.

Fry bread makers! Sammers kept putting the dough on his head... not that helpful after all

The olders stayed busy we didn't see much of them... until it was performance time on the trampoline.

Rubes and Alice performed a dance for CP's birthday!

Rebecca made an ice cream cake made out of everything delicious and the kids ate it up.  pants less  mind you.  It was a relaxing few days... Sam may or may not have ever had clothes on that day.

Sammers is very affectionate.
Apparently his affectioned reached Betsey.
Chris normally would have not gone for this, but since it's Sam...
and they will be wed someday, it's cool.  

Saying goodbye! 
It's always sad to say goodbye to our people.
We spend a lot of time laughing which is a difficult thing to leave because laughing is surviving these days. I must also note that the girls worked the boys over in pictionary this trip.
This is unprecedented, and needs to be noted.
John was exhausted the night we played... and off his game and we ran with that.
It's nice to finally beat the boys at a game we have had zero success at for years!

A few last pics of the kiddos.  I can't tell you how well they played together.
I'm so glad Sammers had someones undivided attention for a few days-
It was adorable to watch them interact!

Until next trip!
I think it's your turn to come to Utah-
Especially since you are a road trip enthusiast.