Sep 1, 2013

One Year Ago

This last weekend was Swiss Days
I never blogged about it last year... but this is what we did last year... just one year ago. 

Miss Mia and I rode in the Swiss Days parade for Make A Wish
She was adorable and waved and waved to everyone. 

It was so cute to see her wave. I vividly remember her tiny little hands with her fingers together as she moved them side to side.  We were so excited about her make a wish trip.  
I can see how happy I was.... gearing up for what was going to be the vacation of a life time.  

Ells was the banner holder for the Waspettes.  It was raining, but that was not going to come in between her and her favorite job of all time. 

Jess was in town so we took a quick family picture after the parade.
They never quite turn out as planned....

Me and my little squished smile girly.  
I remember curling her hair that morning hurrying so we would get up to the parade in time.  It was raining, so it didn't stay curly for long. I remember tying her shirt in the bag because it was too big on her tiny body. I remember getting her "pool pool" hair pretty from the dresser to put in her hair, and putting on her matchy pretty sandals that aunt Nats gave her.  
I grabbed her polka dot rain coat as we headed out the door.
That is the only time she ever wore that shirt. 
We had it in her suitcase in Florida for her to wear, but never got the chance. 

When I look at pictures of us together I just long to have this again.  To have her little personality brighten my day.  I just want her back so desperately.  If I could re do this month, a year ago, I would do it all differently.  I know I can't change the past, but that doesn't keep from wanting to. 
I really had the best life with her here.  

My two babies.  
We often refer to Mia and Sammers and the two babies.  
This is my happy place... holding my kiddos. 

Uncle Nathan had Mia rollin'.  
I miss her laugh and her happy screams. 
I miss everything about her. 
I want to jump into the computer and visit that life... that beautiful happy life. 

I have received some sweet messages from people donating to the make a wish foundation in Mia's name.  Thank you!  Although our trip didn't turn out as planned, the foundation does so many beautiful things for children.  

If I could rewind to one year ago that would be my wish.  
I miss you and love you Mia!

Swiss Days will never be the same without you!