Sep 10, 2013

Sammer Jam at "Meena's class"

Sweetest little face!
I can't get enough of him!

On his first day of preschool I snapped a few pics.
Sammers is going to the same preschool Mia went to.
The first day I took him was the same day Mia was supposed to start Kindergarten.
It was a difficult day.  Some days I feel like my heart is removed and stomped on over and over all day long.  The air is heavy, and breathing it becomes labored.
That was one of those days.
Sammy went with me to drop Mia off when she went there, and he refers to the classroom as "Meena's class."  Now it is Sammers class, but I hope he continues to call it Meena's class.

He still thinks Mia is at the doctors, and that they are fixing her up.
I will not be the one to tell him.  I wish I could live in his innocence for awhile... believe that she will return as soon as the doctors are finished fixing her.

He knows when we go the the cemetery that we are going to Meena, but I don't think he understands any of it... and to be honest neither do I!! I don't get it.  I don't know why my little girl is there and not here in our lives.

I think the leading up to the year anniversary is taking it's toll on me.
My life was so wonderful one year ago.
So unsuspecting!
So excited for the future.

Switch back-

So far he is loving his preschool.
Sammers is my medicine.
I am happy I have this little boy to rescue my heart every day.
He is a goof ball and I love him to pieces!
Enjoy his crazy faces.