Oct 24, 2013

Mia and Aida

Mia and Aida... best of friends.
Mia loved Aida with all of her heart. 
These pictures were taken at story time at the library. 
Seeing these pictures reminds me of how wonderful my life was. 
Everything was happy... we went to story time back then!
We went to story time!
When I think about my myself as a mother pre october I have lovely peaceful thoughts.
Lovely nurturing thoughts that are untouchable.

Everything about these photos breaks my heart.  We were just so happy!!! all of us!

Mia wearing her Minnie shirt and pink pants that were way too big, but they were cozy cone so she loved wearing them. Her little farmer tan line from the summer, her "pool pool" hair pretty, and the wisps of hair that I could never keep in... ever!  

I just miss this so much!
I miss her happy little personality... happy as a clam to be reading books in the library nook. 
There is a soul deflating void of genuine four year old sweetness in my life, that is entirely specific to my Mia.  She had the most unique gentleness that only existed in her.    
She brought me so much happiness... this little girl!

For you Mia fans.. enjoy these pics. 
I wish I had taken a picture of her every single day... even that wouldn't have been enough.
I also wish I hadn't taken so many pictures with my junky phone.
prehistoric phone pictures and all... this girl's smile haunts me (in a good way) and teleporting back to this day at the library would make life so much more bearable.