Oct 7, 2013

Oct 7th 2012

Meeting Grandma Jay and Jessica (the mama of baby Jacob)

Jessica feeling Jacobs heart beating inside of Mia. 

These moments with our Mia are very special to me.
The nurses brought in a bed for us to be next to her. 
John and I took turns sleeping next to her the last night we were with her.

It feels like yesterday that we were in that hospital room.
Somedays I feel like I will get to see her again soon.
These photos used to make me so angry.

For the first time I can look at them and feel some peace trickling into my heart. 
That is why I can share them.

I will miss her everyday, but the memories I have of her life are providing me with hand holds to continue upward.  Up is where I must go... up is where she is.