Oct 8, 2013

October 8th

October 8th 2013.

Over the last year I have felt what the lowest of lows feels like.  The sadness and despair creep into my heart and I house an emptiness that can only be filled by one little person.  Sadly, I believe the anger has at times kept me from her sweet little spirit. I will always miss her, and will always feel like part of myself is gone… but today I am buoyed up by all the love that has been shown in Mia’s name. 

I am so touched by the messages I have received of family, friends, and people we have never met doing something to celebrate her life.  I’m truly overwhelmed! I know there are many I haven’t seen yet, but am so grateful to have people in my life who care and love my little girl.  Thank you!  Your acts of kindness towards others eased the sting of the one-year anniversary of her returning to Heaven.  I had some neat experiences today that I will share when I get the pictures together.  Thanks again, and my hope is that you can continue to do service and reach out to love others…it seems to be the best medicine for a broken heart.  #love4mia