Oct 31, 2013

Sam being Sam

Sam dressed himself on this day
I love his fashion sense!
Backwards shorts
car slippers
Mia's purple hair pretty

.... and Mia's cowgirl belt, upside-down. 

Now for a little Sammer entertainment.  I don't write down nearly as much as I should.  On the rare occasion I remember here are some Samisms that mustn't go undocumented.

Sam: "Mom can you help me with the peanuts?"
Me:   "yep... here you go!"
Sam:  "Oh, are these ones all cracked out?"

We like to play this game with our children where John and I like to pester each other, so to speak.  If one is super concentrated, we will send one of the kids in to mess with the other.  For example:  I will tell sam, "go give daddy one of these" then I'll squeeze his nose.  Sam will run in the room where John is and squeeze his nose. John will react as hoped for and Sam runs back to me for his next instruction.  From then on it's anything from ear wiggling to tickling feet.  This games goes on and on.  Sam is occupied and having the time of his life.  We did this with Mia often too... she would squeal with delight.  I just miss her happy scream so much! The other night John started this game... he said go give one of these to mom... I think it started with a puffed up cheek then released and blowing air in my face.  Sam did as told... my sister Raegan was here with her family and we were all sitting together.  Sam went from person to person doing what John instructed him to do.  His are usually funnier than mine and more creative.  He has him say funny things while completing the instruction.  After a good laugh at all of Sam's deliveries John gave him one final errand.  He said "go give one of these to mom," and proceeded to put his hand sweetly on Sam's face and said, "you're beautiful!"  Then he said, go give it to mom.  Sam came over to me, and instead of putting his hand on my face and telling me that I was beautiful he said, "Mom, put your hand on your cheek."  It was adorable.  I put my hand on my cheek and then he sweetly said, "you're beautiful."  Then he went to my sister Raegan, "Aunt Rae, put your hand on your cheek." ... "you're beautiful."  He went around the room doing this and we couldn't stop laughing.  All of the kids got a kick out of putting their hands on their own cheek while sam told them they were beautiful.  Probably the best was watching him tell uncle Ken that he was beautiful.  It was hilarious.  I think due to the response of us laughing so hard he remembered it and repeated it days later.  I was surprised when we were driving in the car a few days ago and he said, "mom, put your hand on your cheek."  I had forgotten about it and asked why, he said, "put your hand on your cheek."  I complied and he immediately said, "you're beautiful."  It was the best part of my day.  He did it again yesterday and that is why I am remembering to write about it.  I love that my husband teaches my kids to do funny yet sweet things, and I love that Sammy being the smart cookie that he is remembers things like this.  I just love him!  

John is always singing random things around the house... constantly.  Some times I wonder if his brain is void of songs for longer than an hour. I'm fairly confident there are lyrics streaming through more often than not. He's just a singer... sing all the time... singer!

Many of the songs he sings are interactive... like he'll sing,

"I can dig it... can ya'll dig it" in passing and we'll hear Sammy enthusiastically reply, "Yep."
Then he'll repeat it: "Can ya'll dig it?" Sam again yells "YEP!, I can dig it!"

John is known for his big eyed stare.  He just zones out and you can tell he is deep in thought because he looks a little crazy.  When we were eating dinner the other night Sammy picked up on John's checking out and said, "Dad?" John looked up and saw Sammy's eyes were held really wide open and he says,  "Dad, why yo' eyes do like dat?"   It was super funny!  My three year old is a little clown and not afraid to call someone out if they are doing something crazy.  I'll have to try and sneak a picture so you get the gist of his crazy stare.

We do a lot of name calling around here... not mean names, just goofy, who knows where they came from type of names.

Me: "Sammy, you're a crazy monkey!"
Sam: "No, no, I'm not a crazy monkey."
Me: "You're not?"
Sam: "Nope, I'm just a people."
Me: "Just a people?"
Sam: "Yep I'm just one people... one people named Sammy."

He corrects us all the time claiming that he is not ______ and he is just "one people"
Once John and I get a reply like this we run with it... now we call him "one people" and some times "one republic" just for fun, and he is on board.  "Yep, just one people named Sammy."  This boy knows who he is!!

When I walk through the door I am often greeted with the following sentence: "Mom, you just missed my dance party... you missed it."  Sammer has a lot of dance parties.  I don't like it when I miss one.

Sam is three so he is a do it yourselfer- EXCEPT when it comes to making toast.  I wouldn't really want him making toast at his age, but I wouldn't put it past him.  Without fail in the morning he wants a piece of toast.  He always orders by describing it play by play how he wants me to deliver the toast.
"Mom, get out a piece of bread, put it in, cook it, den take it out, put butter on it, and then sticky, then put it on a plate and bring it to me... okay mom?"  The sticky in his description is honey.  He loves honey!  If he decides he wants jam on his toast he does the same exact order but calls it "red sticky"

This boy of mine insists on wearing his "unnies" backwards so he can see character on front.  He is a crack up.

Most mornings I spend at least 20 minutes with my Sammers.  We just kind of hang out and I pep talk myself into getting up and starting my day.  Part of this routine involves me persuading him to snuggle me just a little bit longer.  He is a good sport and usually replies to my plea with a drawn out, "ooookkkkaaaayyyyy mom."

While we snuggle he makes us go in the circus tent.  He creates a tent with his foot and then sings the following song:  "da da dada dada da da circus da da dada dada da da apple... apple circus apple circus apple polka dot polka dot polka dot APPLE!  he sings it loud and proud and I can't get enough of his apple circus.

snuggler man

Apple circus tent- yes we had to cut the "foots" off of his jammies because he is too tall.  They are his size, but when you have a favorite set of jammies... you take desperate measures. 

I love when Sam picks up the wrong words in songs or in the case of apple circus (afro circus) from a movie.  It is so stinkin' cute... except for when it's not cute!  

A few weeks back i was checking out at the store and Sammer, clear as day asked the clerk,
"are you a hobo?"  

The woman looked at me as if to say, "niiice lady"
I felt awful and told her I had no idea why he would ask her that.  It was pretty embarrassing. I apologized for my three year olds behavior and left baffled about where he could have gotten that from AND how he used the word in a sentence so perfectly.  I know he has no idea what it means, but why in the world did he ask her that? A few days later we were watching Wreck it Ralph and Venelope asked the exact same question... "are you a hobo?"  
Thanks a lot Wreck it Ralph!  

He still uses the phrase: "mom, I want to carry you"  
He picked this us from Mia, and when he says it I miss her so much
I scoop up my boy and remember how good it felt to have her "carry me."

I'm looking forward to taking this little man trick or treating.  
The last week or so he is convinced it is Halloween night, each night.
When we tell him it isn't quite yet he argues that it is because it is dark outside.  
He said, "It's dark out side so it's Halloween."  Pretty hard to argue against that logic.

He has been ready for a while, and according to his logic he'll be getting a lot of candy when he's still awake and it's dark outside. 

This three year old