Oct 14, 2013

Sam can wink

A few weeks back I did a photo shoot for a friend. She has the most adorable daughter who is also Sammers little friend. After I finished taking pictures I started walking toward the playground and Sammers buried his face in his hands.  He was distraught I was not taking pictures of him. I had no idea he wanted me to, because I take pictures of him all the time.  It was the most adorable reaction of all time despite breaking my heart.  We jumped right into "Sam's torn." 

When I wink at Sam he always winks back... and this is the face I get.  
It melts my heart! I can't get enough so I wink at him a lot. 
Here are a few (ok a lot) of pictures of him attempting to wink... and just being his adorable self. 

  "I'm doing it!!"

I love this frustrated look right before he holds down his eye lid

hold please