Nov 4, 2013

Dirt Bikes (JB blog)

All summer long Sammy and I liked to head out for our daily ride on his motorcycle.  He will approach me and say, "Dad, lets go do some 'bow-nouts' (burnouts) and jumps."  Jensen is always with us and is quite the natural on a motorcycle.  Sammy will tell me where to go, mostly he just says "faster, faster!"  And he also tells me when he is done.  It always makes me laugh when he suddenly announces, "lets go home dad."  The boy knows when he has had enough.  One day we rode up a huge pile of dirt and Sam got worried as we tried to scout the best course off of it.  Sam pleaded, "lets call mom!"  Mom always has a solution, though we were able to ride down without the need of a rescue from momma.

I particularly enjoy this little Yamaha 90.  It is exactly the same size as the Kawasaki 90 my dad bought me when I was about Jensen's age.

Feeling like ET and Eliot in this shot.

Sometimes our Bishop joins in the fun.  I bet our neighbors love it when we set up motocross in the empty lot between their houses.

Here I am trying to get the neighbor kids to like me.

Sam LOVES me to take him to preschool on the "mow-cycle" as he calls it.  I love it too, but I will admit that I feel like a dork after dropping him off when I hop on solo, kick start it, and ride away on a kids motorcycle with all the moms watching.  I would love to hear the thoughts going through their minds.  I feel like the 35 year old guy you see from time to time still riding his BMX bicycle in town with the mullet flowing in the wind.  It's just not as cool as it was when I was 12.  But, I have to admit, I probably enjoy our rides as much or more than the kids do.