Nov 12, 2013

Pennies for Penny

A beautiful little girl is in Heaven with my Mia.  Her name is Penny.  When i find lucky pennies I immediately think of her and her mama.  This month penny's family is doing something amazing in memory of their little penny.  November is Penny's birthday month, and they are selling handmade penny rings to raise money for children in need.  If I could buy up all the penny rings myself I would.  Go and read about this beautiful girl, her mama, and their cause to help other children.  I am strengthened immensely by the legacy Jill is creating for her Penny.  I would encourage anyone who is willing to post about pennies for penny to please do.   
I'm going ask JB Santa for one of the bracelets as well.  The one on display as an M imprinted on it. A penny bracelet with an M on it, yes... my Christmas will be complete.