Nov 2, 2013

Trip to Washington

A few months back we went to Washington for the annual campout. 
Jense and Levi!
I love the pictures of these two together.  I have quite a few from over the years.  I thought Jense would close the gap between the two of them in height, but it has yet to happen.  Jense loves Levi! 

Grandma measuring Sammers for a set of Christmas Jammies.  
My kids love their Christmas  Jammies!  She has to start sewing months before Christmas because she has a lot of grandkids... a lot!

The kids spend the majority of their time out on the sports court.  Sammers is up to his usual shenanigans while Evie looks so cute and grown up.  

Auntie Heather braided Ells hair in this "Mermaid waterfall" braid.  They watched hair braiding tutorials and Ellie now has tall orders for her hairdo's.  

This was the first trip we took with my new phone.  I am loving taking quality pictures without hauling the monster around.  I experimented with the pano feature.  Love it!

Sammer Jam found a little mound of dirt that entertained him for a long time.  
He was covered in dirt a few hours later... 

Little sweetie pie.  I just love her.  The newest niece in my life. 

Sammer and Luke without a care in the world.

Jense came bearing gifts for his grandma.  He crocheted her this little oversized pot holder. 
He was pretty proud of his skills and I think she was pretty proud too. 

cotton candy turned telescope. 

We got to spend a night with grandma and grandpa McDonald- they took us to dinner and we visited.  We usually play rummy, but didn't get to that this time. 
I love this snuggly picture. 

Campout time!
A major part of the campout is having bikes.  
We didn't bring them this time, but luckily the cousins shared with Jense. 

Before we built a fire Sammer got to work sorting the wood pieces

Play dough with the cousins-

Practicing their P90X skit

The group.  Not everyone, but at least half 

John quickly became the stick maker for the kids.  
He made them personalized sticks... they were all about it!

Arrow shooting-
Another must have at each campout.  
I don't remember such fancy bows... they look quite official!

She is just precious. 
When I see her I just want to manifest Mia for her. 
I hate that she is dancing alone in this picture. 

Two Peas

Bread earmuffs -
I really have no idea why or what he was doing.

Birthday Time!  
Per tradition Grandma makes a little individual pie for those celebrating a birthday.

Happy birthday Jaaance!

Somehow we lucked out and our whole family got a pie.  
I'm guessing it's because we are out of staters. 
It was delicious. A homemade pie while camping is a perfect pie. 

Auntie Beeps painting a train on Sammer Jam.  
He is one lucky dude.

The annual campout always includes some variety of entertainment. 
This year the kids performed reenactments of studio C skits.  
They are pretty fantastic little actors!  
This one is bad extra... I think that is what it is called.

Ells was pleased as punch!  She kept getting to yell "cut!"

I don't quite remember what this one was... but they were all good!

Captain Literally!  This one was my fav. It was so cute... and Eli was hilarious and well versed in his lines.  After this captian literally skit I am more aware of the overuse of the word literally.  I catch John overusing it, and I swoop in and captain literally him without warning. 

This one was really funny too!  It was about the mafia and missionaries.  
I'm sure if I asked any of the kids they would remember all of the titles. 
I loved that the older kids got into it as much if not more than the youngers. 
I just love this fam!

Ells in her happiest of happies.  
Feeding Emmie her bottle was the hi-light of her trip. 
She loves babies so much!

The three musketeers skit.  
I love that Jense is the purple musketeer! 
It's the little things...

Gotta love the fancy shirt and sports shorts combo!  
He could have at least put on some pants... sheesh.

The battle-

Her true love arrives-

The cast.  Uncle Dillon has the musketeer look down. 

Ells and Daddy practicing their moves-

An impromptu race led to this crash.  I believe they were running backwards on hands and knees. 
You never know what is going to happen at these campouts..

Just a cute pic of Luke and Grandma-

Bethie and I- our Washington trip was great.  It had its sad moments like most days in my life, but the good countered the sadness.  One of my sweet nieces kept asking me where Mia was.  That pretty much ripped my heart right out of my chest.  Bless her little heart. I just wish she was here.  Her sweet innocence left me wanting to cry.  If only I could have that freedom to walk in a door fully expecting to see Mia.  It would be nice to live with that mentality for a while.  

I learned some valuable lessons this trip-
1) smart phone batteries are not to be trusted. They last for a small fraction compared to all my previous phones.  I was at the mercy of everyone sharing these campout photos.  Thank you for sharing them with me!  Now I know. 

2) Electronics are a good idea in theory, but somehow we came home one ipod shy of when we left.  I don't know how... I don't know how a lot of things go missing, but they do. 

3)My husband is the  he drove most of the way while I slept. 
This isn't really a lesson... I've know he is pretty awesome for some time now, it's just good to know that he is capable of it for all future trips. :-)