Dec 20, 2013

4th grade flashback

Jense did great in his "Utah" assembly last week. 
He is such a handsome little dude! 
John boy gave him a "quick trim" of his hair which turned out to be a big mistake. 
It's fixed now, but these pictures make me laugh. 

He got to dance with a partner.
I didn't take any photos, but this is a screen shot from the video...
While he was dancing, he kept looking at me and smiling.  
I had flashbacks to when I did this exact same thing in 4th grade.
How am I now the parent?  It seems crazy, but at the same time puts things into a calm perspective.

Per his usual behavior... Sammy tried to steal the show with his silliness.
These two brothers are adorable.

Ellie was off busily decorating her teachers room with balloons and Christmas surprises.
She missed his program completely, but was doing what she loved.