Dec 12, 2013

A Most Beautiful Gift

A few nights back we arrived home to find this tree on our porch.

This note was attached to the top...

and these two boxes to open up. 

The kids were ecstatic and could barely wait long enough for me to take a picture.
When they opened the first box it was filled with a beautiful variety of angels and purple heart ornaments.

Ellie said, "MOM!! LOOK! someone painted purple hearts on the angels." 
I wish that the person or people who gave us such a wonderful gift could have witnessed the excitement each time something was taken out of the box.  
There were a lot of gasps and ooooohhhh's.  

I wish I would have filmed their reactions to relay all of the excitement and gratitude.
We all loved it... so much!
I was fighting back tears watching hand stitched ornament after ornament get removed from the box. 

While Ellie started to decorate the tree Jense and Sammers opened the box of Mia dolls. 
These beautiful dolls were made by someone with exquisite talent. 
 It is overwhelming to me how much time when into this. 

The Mia dolls- I love love these! I just can't believe how adorable they are!

Ellie started putting the ornaments on the floor to organize them. 
So many angles, and purple hearts and wooden angels. 
I love them all!

Once the tree was decorated Sammers started dancing with the tinsel. 

Then Ellie joined in. 
It was a night full of Christmas magic.  
I have lost so much authentic Christmas spirit these past two years. 
That feeling of excitement that seems to be a thing of innocence. 
I've missed it, and thought that I would never feel that way again...
Tonight it returned. 
Yes, I can enjoy the holiday spirit, but this is different.

Thank you for restoring the magic for me. 
The kiddos kept asking who would do something like this. 
I just kept telling them that there are a lot of beautiful people on the earth that care about them and Mia.
They had their speculations... and I told them that we may never know who did this wonderful thing for us.  Ellie said, "I wish we knew who they were so we could put something on their porch too."
She really wants to know... and so does her mama. ;-)

Beautiful Angel!

Once Sam figured out that this angel lights up he played with it for over an hour.  
He kept referring to it as "glowy."

To whomever left this beautiful gift on my porch I thank you so much!
I am overwhelmed by your generosity, creativity, talent, and concern for my family. 
I truly wish I knew who you were... 

This past year my little family has been the recipient of five lifetimes full of love... 
and it just continues.  I am truly overwhelmed.  

You have restored some of the magic back in Christmas by giving me this tree all themed around my sweet little girl.  The purple... the angels... the dolls... it is all very Mia, and I will cherish it. 

The Mia tree. 
It will be a beautiful new tradition for our family to set up every year at Christmas.
Whoever you are... we love you!