Dec 16, 2013

Early Christmas

A few weeks before Christmas the door bell rang. 
We had no idea what was waiting on the other side of the door. 

A group of kiddos Sammy's age showed up to wish him Merry Christmas... and they all brought him a gift.  It was by far his luckiest day! I had no idea they were doing this.  
He was on cloud nine opening all of the gifts. 

Miss Leah (my neighbor) and Miss Amber (friend from H.S.) are the teachers that orchestrated it all.  When all of the gift opening was finished Sammy gave hugs to all the friends and Miss Leah and Amber.  They deserved it.  What a neat surprise for Sammers and myself.  

I feel so blessed to have so many loving and caring people doing such lovely things for my family. Sammy is still talking about the day when his friends came over and gave him gifts.  
It was the most beautiful christmas surprise!  
My mama heart is filled with gratitude, and I can't thank you enough!

Thank you so much Leah and Amber! You two are amazing!