Dec 28, 2013

Festival of Trees 2013

All of the beauties that helped create the Mia tree this year. 
Rae, Stina, Cha, Lill, Cilla, and Nat.
I love them.  a lot!

The Mia tree.
I only took pictures with my phone... which was a mistake
Next year I will take my camera. 

Close up-

A big thank you to all of my family and friends who helped sponsor the tree.
I really appreciate you contributing to the tree.

IHH Tree

sweet Penny's Tree

sweet Carson's Tree

sweet Quincy's tree

Loved this tree. It had the Young Women's theme, and it's so beautiful!

Making the "shining brightly" tree for Mia this year was a wonderful experience. 
I am looking forward to next year. 

Our 2014 tree will be a "chockit" tree. 
Mia loved chocolate, so this year we will celebrate her love of chocolate. 
If you would like to contribute to the tree... please do.