Dec 16, 2013

The Night I laughed non stop

I had a great evening with two of my besties from high school. 
Shelley and Beth
I laughed so much. sooo much. 

We had dinner at the Junction- which was really delicious!
If you haven't been yet... it's time. 

We stopped at the high school to see the Drill Team perform. 
They did a great job!

After the H.S. shenanigans
We went to Beth's old house. 
We just planned on driving by, but then changed our minds sitting in the drive way.
We lucked out when the owners were super nice and let us come in and see how it had changed. 
We really couldn't have knocked on better door. 

Her old play house. 

We chatted the with the owners for a while sitting at the bar.
It was crazy to be in that house after so much time had passed. 

Missy (another H.S. bestie) was supposed to be there that night. 
She ended up not being able to come so we decided to take this picture to text her. 
This is us on her old porch. 
We spent so much time there in H.S. 

We also visited mama Z. She is the sweetest!

Then we went back to my house and this happened. 

Don't Ask. There really is no explanation. 

It was the night I have needed all year. 
A little bit of carefree goofiness that resembles my old life. 

I am still smiling thinking about how much fun I had. 

Beth and Shell- Thank you so much for coming. I can't wait until next time!