Dec 6, 2013

Young Women / two temple trips

I have a lot of pictures of the young women!! a lot!  Between girls camp and youth conference and weekly activities... it's a little embarrassing how many photos I have.

These pictures were taken a lot time ago, however the pictures at the end of the post are from this week.  I am trying a new thing called - blog about it when it happens twice. :-)  not really, but I have never been this far behind.  

It's no secret I love my calling. 
I sing songs about how much I love serving in young women's.
I have a few ballads up my sleeve as well as a few raps. 
I know they think I'm crazy most of the time, but for me YW's is a guaranteed window of happiness! It is a few hours of my week that I am not plagued by sadness.  It's so nice. 

Temple trip with my favorites-

I love them all!  love love love!

It's crazy how quickly life changes. One is on a mission and two are in college. 
One thing stays the same...

The church is true!

I grabbed this photo from my instagram...
The temple lights are just beautiful in December!  It was beyond freezing, but so worth it.
The youth did baptisms for the dead.  Click here for more info.

We stopped at the Lion House Pantry to warm up.
I think the rolls have some sort of addictive agent in them.
They are so good!

I was taking the photos then Matt took over.
He was a good sport!  Riding in a car full of girls and taking photos.

So beautiful.  I want to go back with the kiddos.
I hear there are some pretty fabulous candy window displays.
SLC Temple