Jan 23, 2014

Mimi in Big Apple City

I did it! I finally made it to NY!
I have wanted to go there my entire life, well since I was little at least.
My favorite movie was Strawberry Shortcake in big apple city. I watched it over and over as a child. 
A few years ago I purchased another VHS copy just in case.  
I knew someday I would make it to NY, and my time finally came. 

When your brother in law has two business conferences in New York,
you make a trip out of it. 

This is an entire week worth of pictures, a few snack breaks are necessary to make it through the entire post. 

Before we made it to New York we had a layover in Pennsylvania. 
In the craziest of coincidences my very own uncle (mom's brother) was at the airport. 
He is a pilot, so I guess the odds aren't that crazy, but I have never set foot in Pennsylvania, so I'll go ahead and count it as at least a scosh crazy. 

It was really good to see him!  I can only imagine all of the wonderful places he has been. 

Our first night consisted of airport, taxi, hotel check in, but we did walk a few blocks to a yummy sushi place.  I wanted to take a lot of food pictures, but forgot until there was one left.  I love sushi!
The spicier the better!!

It's a man hole!  The steam system in New York is fascinating to me.  I know, I know. This is probably not one of the first things I should be posting about.  First up? Steam systems.  The pictures are mostly in order... no other reason.

The Saint Patricks Cathedral was our first tourist stop.  
It was incredible. 

On the phone, and eye's closed... these two!!
I actually have a looot of pictures with closed eyes.  
I should start a collection. 
My sisters especially have a knack for closing their eyes right as the picture is taken. 
It's a trait passed directly down from my grandma. 

We took the tour and learned a lot of interesting things about the building and religion.  
I kept thinking of Mia during the explanation of St. Jude. 
The patron saint of desperate cases. 
When he was talking of St. Jude I kept thinking about my months in the hospital, and then the week in Florida.  I think desperate just scratches the surface of how I felt.  
Oh Mia, you are everywhere! My mind always turns to you. 

I would love to go back when all of the construction is finished.  
So beautiful!

This picture is for Ells.  
We have an American Girl Doll obsession at our house. 
It's what she loves. 
I didn't set foot inside of the store, because that is a recipe for disaster.  

John was drooling over this car, so I took a picture of it.  
John points out all the cool cars he sees. 
He is always schooling Jense about lamborghinis and what have you. 
I would not even have a stab at what kind of car this is... looks like a Camaro to me.  Sorry. 

Ran into Minnie and Mickey at Time's square.  
I am still very hurt when I see Minnie and Mickey anything. 
Minnie mouse paraphernalia is everywhere, and I just wish Mia would have made it to Disneyworld. 
There is a bucket of salt every time I turn around in any store these days. 
There is no escape. 

So... we'll just embrace it for now. Mia loves Minnie so I will try too. 

Carnegie Deli was a must visit according to a lot of people. 

This picture was for "weesie" because Liverwurst was on the menu.
There is a girls camp song we sang over the summer about "don't eat the liverwurst."

This drink was celery flavored.
It was disgusting.. but John loved it.

This was delicious.  I loaded on the sauerkraut and have been dreaming of it ever since.
I believe Carnegie.. I believe!

This was not bad either!

Our first show... The Jersey Boys!  Loved it!
There was a discovery made by my sister and I about "Oh what a night" which is a theme song of ours.
Once again, you never know what you didn't know until you know it.
Had no idea what that song was about... to me it's a song we sang and danced to as children.
I'm sticking with my childhood version.
That's all.

waiting for it to begin.

The set.

The shows were one of my favorite parts of New York.
We saw a couple other shows... and I'd like to see at least a dozen more.

John and Ken took so many pictures of me and my sisters that it was time for a brother's pic.
THIS is what they gave us... so... no more of THAT. :-)

Seesters at Radio City!

Selfies of Selfies.

We reenacted an affair to remember at the empire state building.  Not really, but I love that show.
I loved listening to audio tour.

The floor in the building is fantastic. Oh and there are my cute boots!

On the top! I would love to go back during the day and get some daytime photos... but this is what we got at night... with a iphone.

 New Yoooork!!  I love the glow from Time's Square.
So beautiful. 

I just can't believe how many buildings are here in one place.  It reminds me of legos.

Until next time Empire State building-

We took the subway everywhere.

There was a Bridal session at Grand Central Station.
Two photographers and to light guys... must be in New York.

Decided to goof off with a pano at Grand Central Station.
We ate some delicious Indian food there, and forgot to take a pictures.

We were in NY on the anniversary of Mia's transplant.
Such a special day for my family.
We will always love Jessica, Jacob, and this special day!

Eye's closed.  Can't resist. It is like that childhood cartoon with the pocket watch swinging back and forth and someone chanting...You are getting sleepy!

Then we retake... that's how it works!

Deciding show options

When I saw them all I could think of was: "It's the Central Park Rangers."
We are big fans of Elf.

John with the Rangers.

We stopped here for lunch.  I've only seen the show once, but my sisters have seen it.

This was my lunch.  I didn't make it all the way through it, but the peppers were the best part!

We texted this to Jense.  He was pretty excited about it.
We didn't go to the Lego exhibit, but we did see this guy made out of Lego's.

After the Bodies exhibit.  I am smiling now, but the exhibit was intense.
I never got a chance to see it when it came to Seattle.

I was especially interested in the heart.
I still can't believe that the heart not working properly can be the cause of so much emotional pain.
The human body is fascinating, but has let me down time and time again.

At the end of the Bodies Exhibit there was a large screen displaying answers from around the world to the question: Before I die I want to______.
  Many of them were inappropriate... but this one made me laugh a lot.

More Times square moments. It really must be seen in person.
The ball dropping at New Years doesn't do it justice!

It was pretty cold when we were there.  We had to get hot cocoa a time or two.  Salted Carmel hot cocoa mind you.  We just had to laugh because they spelled all of our names wrong.
Meme, Ray, and Natilie.
Close enough.

Waiting for Pippin.  Not to be confused with waiting for Guffman.
This was another fabulous show.
Loved it.

There really are a LOT of people in Time square... at all times.

Pano x 3

John bought a lot of "street meat" including this hot dog.
I was pretty impressed with the spiciness of some of the "street meat."

These masked statue of liberty people on stilts were all over NY.

Me... in the MOMA... taking in the beautiful buildings across the way.

Starry Night. 

some of the art makes me smile... like this one. 

I liked this artist.

Look closely. 

It's kind of overwhelming... there are floors ard floors of art. 
Some of the art to me... is not art. to me. 
You have to go there know what I'm talking about.
We had to take a break outside from all of the fabulous exhibits... and some very interesting, and some downright confusing pieces of art. 

Where's Nats? 

Time to cruise.
When we got on the boat the sun was setting...  but I still got some great pics.

 Can you tell how excited he is? 
and how cold? 

Despite it being frigid on the cruise, it was beautiful and I'm glad we did it.

Trying to stay warm.  It was really really cold. 

That is I... taking a little sleep at the end of the cruise. 

We had to get a taxi photo.  We should have done this during the day. 
There was one taxi driver that I loved. 
He was awesome!  
He was born there, and had really never left. 
AND, he talked like a new yorker.  bonus.
He said: "forget aboudid" a few times... which completed our New York experience. 

We went to the 9/11 memorial... this is a photo of a photo. 

Actual piece of steel that was bent from the destruction of the buildings. 

Survivor tree. 

Survior Tree... Its' so remarkable considering how close it is to the building. 
It really stands out too.  

We might have walked towards each other and both got our cameras out at the same time. 

So many things to say about visiting the memorial. 
So many lives... 
I just can't believe that so people lost so many loved ones on the same day.
Heart breaking!
I want to come back when the visitor center is open. 

Our next boat ride was to see the Statue of Liberty. 

It was also a really windy...

and freezey! 

It was a beautiful day to visit the statue.  Such beautiful blue skies and lovely clouds.

Nats, JB, and Lady Liberty

Me, JB, and Lady Liberty

Nats, Me, Rae, LL. 

Me, Nats... you get the idea.

Views from the top. 

From the pedestal looking up... on the inside. 

Her spot light.

Then, the clouds rolled in...

We also went to Ellis Island but my phone died so I don't have any pictures.
It was also fascinating... I definitely need more time there next time.

Times Square once again- at night.

The Bowns- Thanks so much uncle Ken for letting us tag along.
When is our next trip? :-)

Boots again... on the subway this time.

Our last stops were to the museums

The Met!
It was beautiful inside... 

I could have taken pictures in the Met all day long! So beautiful!

Trinidad and Tobago cuisine.  So delicious.
We took quite the cab ride to get to the restaurant... it was worth it!

My one and only picture of Central Park.

This is the end of my week in New York.
I loved it! 
I want to go again... maybe in the summer months.