Feb 3, 2014

Jensen + Scouts + Whipped Cream

Jense is a huge fan of scouts! 
He is presenting the colors at pack meeting. 

As part of the ceremony of his advancing from Bear to Webelos he had to use his face to retrieve his award from a pile of whipped cream. He was all about it. 

Then he went straight for his dad with his hands covered in cream. 
He got him! 
I walked away quickly because I knew I was next. 

Jense is lucky because John his his Webelos leader. 
He has loved scouting this year with his dad as his leader. 

My cute little family. 
I sure wish Mia was in this picture. We miss her so much!
Jense was so proud, and still talks about this night. 
He wants to recreate the game with whipped cream. 

Sarah got all dressed up in her Swiss attire because Swiss Days was going on during pack meeting. 
She even spoke the entire time in her best Swiss accent. 

After pack meeting the family took a little spin around the church on the "mowccyco's." 
This picture makes me miss summer! 
I'm ready for the snow to leave. 

I love these little faces!
They always have helmets on, so this is a rare moment to capture their faces. 
They look so so happy... which makes me happy.