Feb 17, 2014


This pictures has been uploaded for almost a year. 
I was going to put it with a different post, but since I'm a year behind... I'll just post it already. 

This is Leesy-
I just love this girl. 

She provided a lot of sunshine for me on many a cloudy day. 
I will forever be grateful for her friendship.  

I remember when Mia mistook her for me in the hallway of church. 
I wish I could rewind to that day. 
I loved that life. 

I'm trying... truly I am... to not dismiss my future happiness as impossible compared to my previous happiness.  Most days I'm under attack with feeling as though all the best days of my life are behind me.  Mia going to Heaven so unexpectedly changed me. It changed my soul.  Leesy knows my heart and has had to snap me out of my disdain for future life happiness more than a few times.  
I don't want my future to consist of me always looking backward to feel that unbridled happiness.  There must be a way to feel that with Mia in Heaven.  
There has to be...
I just need someone to teach me that. 
While I trial and error finding my way, I'm lucky to have her!