Feb 23, 2014

My 9 year old Ellie

Valentines Day is always special because it is my little girls birthday. 
If you are going to be born on a holiday, she sure picked a great one.  She is my original little heart girl.
When Mia came along I got to have two heart girls. 
I love her... all of her. 

Ellie is the most giving child.  She gives away her best things, and wants everyone around her to be happy and have whatever there is to be had. 

For example.  Sammers was sharing his candy the other day with his cousins.  I kept telling him to give some to Ellie because she didn't have any yet.  Every time he passed a candy to her she immediately gave it to her little cousins.  When I asked her if she wanted one for her she said, "yeah... but I want them to have them more."  This is an example from this week, but there are countless examples of this girl having a heart of gold.  She is a pleaser and gets her fulfillment by making others happy.  I try to teach her that it is OK to enjoy things herself, but she truly loves giving and doesn't mind sacrificing for others.  She is beyond her years in this regard. 

She is nurturing and caring to all people younger than her. 
Ellie has always been a little mommy.  
If you remember back to her infatuation with Mia even before she was born, if not you can read about it HERE. 
That post was back in 2008... makes my heart hurt to read.
Ells still has an unprecedented baby radar.    
If there is a baby in sight she wants that baby.  She will forget about whatever activity is happening to have the baby in her arms.  She love love loves babies and is such a little caretaker of all toddlers.  I often get comments about how other moms wish they had her help at home.  She really is up for any task when it comes to taking care of babies.  She has been my best helper with Mia and Sam. 

Her biggest sorrow in life is not having her sister here. 
Ellie doted over Mia her entire life.  She had the purest love for her baby sis.  It is a love that I have not seen ever before.  She ushered her around and filled her life with everything she thought would make her happy.  It was my blessing to watch it, and felt so much joy that they were my girls. 

Now she often asks me what I think Mia is doing, and what she looks like.  She really wants to see a picture of Mia in Heaven.  She just wants to know so badly what she looks like now.  Sweet girl!

My heart broke again on her birthday when Mia was not there to blow out Ellie's candles.  
Ellie always insisted on Mia blowing out her candles.  Ellie was truly the best sister to Mia and treated her like royalty.  There is a huge void there, and she expresses sadness almost every night when it's time to go to bed.  She misses her sister so much.  Mia was Ellie's world... 

Ellie asks me often if I can have another baby... it's a reoccurring topic in our home. She really really wants another baby sister.  It weighs on her heart and she voices her desires often.  She used to say that she doesn't want anyone but Mia.  Now she is open to the idea of a "newborn baby."  She always says newborn... makes me laugh. 

She is one strong little girl.  
She was forced to be strong when her little sister went to heaven, but she has always shown tremendously strength.  She is also very strong willed.  If she has an idea in her head... she will make it happen.   

One of her strengths is her negotiating skills. 
If there is a job that she doesn't want to do... she has mastered the art of negotiating the jobs she does want to do.  Sometimes she stacks so many jobs up to count for the one job she doesn't like, that I can't really refuse her offer.  If her greatest challenge in life is missing her sister, then doing her jobs is the second.  She isn't a fan, but gets them done eventually. Once a month or so she will go into a cleaning frenzy and John and I wonder what has happened to our child. 

Ells has quite the appetite.  
She can eat and eat and eat. 
She is the tiniest little thing, but eats more than I do at dinner time. 
She likes to make a major production when it comes food. 
If she is going to the park to play, or to dance, or anywhere... we are often waiting on Ellie to finish preparing her snack. 

She will bring carmel with apples slices
or a bag of tortilla chips with a little tupper of green sauce, or cheeses and crackers,
or  a sandwich.  She makes a lot of sandwiches.  
She usually makes some for her siblings too.  
I find remnants of her culinary creations all the time.  In the car, on the table. 
We are really working on cleaning up after...
Sam is continuing in his sisters footsteps.  He loves to make food creations. 
Lately he has been making "cakes" just like Ellie taught him. 
You take a cookie cutter and cut out a shape of bread.  put some milk on it, and sprinkles.  
I don't know how this is good... but they like it. 

Ellie absolutely loves to cook. 
If I start cooking and it is a meal she wanted to help prepare she almost has a panic attack when I start without her.  There isn't anything she doesn't love about it.  The phrase, "What's next" is said one million times per meal.  She is generally very helpful... but always has plans to make elaborate desserts that I have to distract her from.  The strong will makes an appearance at dessert time. :-)

She is just such a little beauty- 
I love this picture of her... she is beautiful!!

Ellie is so endearing because she just loves what she loves.  
She loves any kind of kit or machine that will produce a food item. 
She got a snow cone maker in the summer, and has had little machines here are there and just loves them.  At Christmas she asked for a fortune cookie maker.  When I got to the store and saw the price for what I thought was a colossal waste of money I just couldn't do it.  I felt a little mean because she really really wanted it, but I just couldn't.  She told me again that she really wanted it for her birthday.  When I went to the store for her birthday I found it for half price.  Even though I know it will probably break after one or two uses, I got it for her.  She was so thrilled.  We have already make a cookie video with it, and if I finnish the other cooking videos someday we will post that one.  

She loves to make cooking videos.  I know someday i will be so glad I have all the footage I do of my little girl cooking away.  She loves it!

I truly can't believe she is 9!  In double her years she will be 18.
I just know that will not be enough time to have her with me before she goes to college.

She is a genuine sweet heart and I am so lucky to be her mom.

Happy Birthday to you my fun, crazy, extremely organized when she wants to be, non morning person, outfit coordinating, hair doing, cooking loving, brother loving, goofy, smart, adorable little Ellie. 

I love you so!!

A huge thank you to photographybymckenzie for taking these for me.  After a photo shoot with the boys we came over the ice castles and she took some birthday pictures for me, while I was doing a different photo shoot.  She is a great photographer! I lover her.  Go find her on insta. @photographybymckenzie.  She posted some funny pics of her and I recreating some pictures of our little boys.  fun fun!