Feb 16, 2014

Waspettes 2013-14

Ellie loves loves loves the Waspettes.  
If she could fast forward to high school and be a Waspette I think she would do it.  
These pictures are from back in the fall when She and a girlfriend came to the game and warmed up with the girls.  I love the leg extension with her boots on.  She cracks me up. 

Sammer also gets plenty of attention from his "dance-oh's"  He loves them. 
It's pretty much the best part of his day.  
We spent the year going to the H.S. for 6th period.  
He mostly ran around with Harpie (McCalls daughter) but now that the class is over he is wondering where his dance-oh's are. 

During one of the assemblies he spotted MaeLin and Jodie... and ran to give them some love.  
They are two of my laurels. It has been fun to see them at the H.S. when I am there for drill events. 

Kiss attack. This is a common occurrence when Sam is around the girls when they are ready to perform.  He loves it.  

Getting some stretches in.  I love this picture. 
He is just such a fun kiddo to have around. He's just warming up with the 
Waspettes... getting ready for his big performance. 

Me and Kinley. She is a doll. Love her. 
I was sitting by her at dinner at one of the competitions. 
The same dinner where the majority of the girls started sining primary songs. 
It was a good night. 

The girls placed 3rd in region.. in a new 4-A region, and 9th at state.  I could not be more proud.  
they worked hard and I just love them to pieces!  

Way to go girls!