Apr 1, 2014

Sam turns 4!

This little crazy man is 4 years old today.  April Fools day is very fitting a day for him to be born.  He is a goof ball and loves his 4 year old version of playing jokes.

There are so many things about this little man that make me so happy.  He is the happiest, goofiest, most darling little boy.  I love him to pieces and sometimes I feel as though he is magic because of how much he fills my heart with happiness.  He is a affectionate and sweet and is the very best band-aid for this mama heart.  I was tickling him in this picture and his hands are the CUTEST!

Our morning routine consists of a mommy/sammy snuggle.  My favorite things about the snuggle is he always wants to snuggle longer.  He says, "just a couple more minutes" to which I can't refuse.  He makes happy little snuggle noises.  He is so affectionate and is free with his kisses and he tells me how much he loves me.  He says, "how much I love you?"  To which I say "sooo much."  I always tell him, "Sammy?  how much I love?"  He says "soooo much."  We just go back and forth like this.  It's kind of the best thing in my life.  Sometimes he will just come up to me and say, "mommy, I love you sooo much."  He is so sweet to me and I'm a lucky mama that I have my Sam. 

Sam considers each meal a time to hand pick who he will sit by.  It is usually me, because he knows I will help him.  He also likes me to feed him.... sooo there's that.  
Somethings he eats on his own, but if it is a lettuce wrap (we eat these a lot lately) or something in a bun or a taco I have to feed it to him.  If the meal can "fall out" then he wants me to give him his bites. 
He always wants to say the prayer... at every meal.  He always prays for his Mia.  It is so sweet that my kids pray for her!!  Some prayers are more reverent that others.  Often while he prays he will switch into list / nonchalant praying.  He will say, "and today I hit my head on the counter and I don't like the counter any more..."  or "we are going to eat chicken, bread, that, and those, and the milk."  He just doesn't want to leave out anything from his day or what's on the table.  When he is finally done praying he will yell AMEN! This is something Mia did, so we don't correct him.   

He is really into showing me things... and showing off.  
The other day he completely dresses himself (and did a great job) and ran into my room and yelled, "TA DA!"  Then immediately started doing a victory dance.  I just looked at him and wanted to freeze him in time.  Maybe it's not a big deal for a three year old to dress themselves completely, but I kind of baby this one... so it was a big deal for us.  He was so proud and has done it a few times since. 

He loves to show me his abilities. 
Every day he shows me how high he can jump, how fast he can run, and the boy has some pretty fantastic dancing skills.  Some of these can be seen on my instagram account.  If you want to see the latest dance moves and have insta... my user name is @mimimcdonald

We have a massage table permanently set up in our master bedroom... I just never break it down, and there is plenty of space so it stays up.  Sam "launches" from the massage table to the bed and back.  He launches at least twenty times a day.  It just doesn't get old for him.  He will say, "woah... mom... did you see that launch?"  He wants a captive audience while he demonstrates his launches.  He even does a countdown with a blastoff.  

He is definitely in the do it myself / watch me do this / can I try phase. 
Luckily, Sam lives with four people that over celebrate every move he makes.  Ellie is his biggest cheerleader by far.  She will basically lose her mind with excitement when Sam does any kind of performing for her.  It's is darling to watch.  We used to have dance parties right before bed (back when Mia was here with us)  it seemed pointless to try and go back to that life.  
The last couple of months the dance part has returned... and Sammy is our main attraction.  We all dance, but in the end we all end up watching him go to town.  John and I laugh so hard watching him that I wind up in a coughing fit.  His little dance moves are hilarious and they are definitely not from watching us.  Many of the dance party songs are per Sam's request.  He usually says, now let's dance to: "blue eye song."  He is a huge fan of pentatonix especially this one.  He calls it blue eye song.  His other personal favorite is: "little bit longer." The song is, Ways to go... but Sam calls it "little bit longer." He loves it. 

He also negotiates staying up.  "last song dad!  last song."  
He entertains us so much that he always gets a last song.  
John has to now give him a count down of how many songs he has left. 

Because he is at the same developmental age as Mia sometimes I hear him downstairs interacting with Jense and Ells and if I close my eyes I transport back to when we had her.  His little voice is so similar and he now uses a lot of Miaisms.  When I hear him say, "just a minute" or "I'm coming" or "wait for me" or sometimes when he screams it sounds like Mia's happy screams.  If I am not in the room and I hear his voice, often times my heart jumps in my chest because for a tiny moment I am reminded of her sweet little voice.  It's an instant feeling of how much I miss and need her.  Sammy is now four.  I wish so badly that I had my little, would be five now, here with him.  When we go visit the cemetery, sometimes when Sam gets out of the car he will sprint over to Mia's site and yell, "Miiiiiaaaaa!"  Sometimes I wonder if he sees her over there.  

He talks about her often and still asks when she is coming home.  He does know that Mia is with Jesus, but he still believes she is getting fixed and will be back.  He misses her so much and witnessing him wait for her sucks the air out of my lungs.  I just want him to (and all of us) to have her back.  He loves her so much and talks about her every single day. 

Sam is an easy kiddo.  He mostly makes us laugh and melts our hearts on a daily basis.  
He has his moments of being the youngest child and knowing if he fusses about something he will get it.  Jense and Ells treat him like the baby and pretty much are at his beck and call, but sometimes it backfires.  I would say that we are all creating a monster, but he is too sweet and endearing to be a monster. 

He says the goofiest things ALLLL the time. Of course I don't write them down, but here are  few:
The other day it was really windy and the trees behind the house were moving around a lot.  He ran in and said, "MOM!  The trees are really afraid out there.... we should let them come in the house." 
I love that he used the term "afraid."

He has renamed water "speed."  He will tell me pretty much everyday that he needs more speed. When he is thirsty he asks for speed.  It's adorable.  Sometimes after drinking a big glass of water which by the way he can drink more than me, he will say, "Ahhh, my speed." or "I need more speed."  
NO idea where this came from, but I love it!

A few weeks ago he tried to convince me whey he couldn't go to church.  He said, " Mom, I can't go to church!  My heart is frozen.... when your heart is frozen you can't go to church." 
We had quite the conversation about frozen hearts.

Sam sometimes will ask me if it's his lucky day.  I guess he is used to me saying "today is your lucky day." So now he just asks.  Every time he asks if it's his lucky day I reply with an enthusiastic "YES!"

He often negotiates if and how many treats he can have.  If he finds a treat in his brother's treat box (Jense is a saver) or there is something yummy to be had, he will bring it to me and say, "mama... can I see what this tastes like?" or "can I give this one a try?"  I don't know how he knows to ask so endearingly... but his mama can't refuse.  

He uses the word suppose and supposedly. It KILLS me every time.  I die.  
He pronounces it "supposebly."  I can't get enough. 
He will say, " mom, I want chip and chee today... I suppose."  He just tacks it on and my heart bursts. 

He loves to do countdowns, "How many days until.... " "How many minutes until....."  "How many sleeps until...."  He is my countdown boy. 

He came in with a stick telling me that it was his magic wand.  He pointed it at me and told me he is going to cast a spell on me.  He waved it around and turned me into a few choice animals. 

He calls toast: 
"bread with sticky"  or "bread with red"  
stick=honey red=jam

He loves toast!  he could live on bread with sticky and "speed" and be a happy boy.  

There are so many more things- every birthday post I resolve to start writing them down.  
This year is no different. :-/

One thing I must note about this boy- He loves brown bear.  LOVES IT!  He talks about it everyday.  Brown Bear is basically sardines in the dark.  He is always teamed with John or myself, and he just can't get enough.  If there is one thing to summarize this year it is the year of brown bear.  He is also all about minecraft.  We have to limit his minecraft playing.  He is so little and can build worlds with his brothers and some of me is amazed that he is so good at it, but mostly I don't like.  If he didn't want to play it as much as he does it wouldn't be a love/hate.  When he is not playing minecraft, much of his dramatic play includes "building his house."  He builds houses with dishes, sticks, rocks.  When he types on a keyboard protector he claims he is building a house.  It is super sweet!  He is really excited about his new house.  So is his mommy.

So glad I have these pictures of me and Sam. Thank you so much photographybymckenzie for taking them!!

Every time I ask sammer for a smooch he delivers.  
We call them "Sammy kisses"
I am extremely grateful I have Sam.  He truly fills my heart and I know he was 100% meant for me.  His fun personality is hilarious and I just adore him. 

Happy birthday to my crazy dancing, brown bear enthusiast, tractor riding, sandwich eating, minecraft playing, speed drinking, fast running, story telling, Mia missing, mama kissing, bike riding, go cart riding, cooking video helping, sweet and happy through and through little boy!  I love you so much Sammer Jam!

*Monster Party post coming soon... or not.  I can't believe the last post is Ells birthday post.  
Life just sped up.