Jul 4, 2014

#love4mia and a BIG Thank You!!

First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in #love4mia back in October.  It was so touching to receive email after email and text after text about the love that was given to others in Mia's name.  It was so touching and comforting to see the cute ideas you came up with and I can't describe how much it helped our little family seeing all the good that was done.  Her angel anniversary was an awful day, but seeing all of the good that was done definitely had a huge impact on the sadness.  Thank you!

This is not all of the photos, but I tried to compile what I could from Instagram, and texts.  I will be more vigilant this next go around.  We decided that we want to do #love4mia on her birthday and her angel anniversary.  July 8th and October 8th.  Mia would be six in a few days, and I can't believe this is the second birthday we will celebrate her life with out her.  Even typing that... saying it out loud... is painful.  Somedays we're ok, and we are able to put one foot in front of the other and somedays the grief is so overwhelming that I don't see the how I will survive the next 40 years without her.  Grief tends to whip you around without warning.  Just when you think you might be OK, you find yourself back at the day you had to say goodbye.

Lighting the candles on a cake for her last year was awful. No parent should have to do that!!  Living without her often feels like I'm pretending my life.  That my life will not be authentic until I can have her back.  This is how I survive.  I'm working on truly living again, but it's difficult.  She brought so much light to all that knew her and to many that had never met her.  We hope that she can continue to shine and that we can keep that light glowing.  #love4mia is a way to keep her memory and her light going... it keeps her light alive in our hearts and people that did not know about her precious life will become the recipients of love and goodness.

If you need some ideas on what to do for #love4mia here are some ideas from what was done on the anniversary of her returning to heaven.  I don't want anyone to feel like they need to spend money to participate in #love4mia.  Simple acts of service, spreading love, and making someones day in honor of Mia is the main goal.  In a way it is the love she would have shown to others, but we get to do it for her... especially on July 8th and October 8th.

I know I am missing some ideas, and I apologize if you do not see your #love4mia on the list. This is mostly to give ideas for next Tuesday. :-)

Wrote letters expressing love to people in your life. 
Handed out Target gift cards at Target checkout
Donated money for soldiers' funerals
Paid for other peoples groceries at Walmart
Sent a single mother and her children to Disneyland - Woah mama!
Paid for four co-pays at the doctors office
Paid for the car behind and the car behind them in a drive up (there were a few of these) 
Visited Primary Childrens hospital and dropped off receiving blankets
Made activity kits for children in the hospital
Took trash out for neighbors
Fed the missionaries dinner
Made homemade bread and delivered to neighbors
Delivered homemade cookies to missionaries
Put gift cards in mailboxes around town
Purchased clothes for someone in need
Made blankets to donate
Taped dollar bills to toys in the dollar store
Returned all the carts in a parking lot to the store
Delivered plates of treats to neighbors
Donated money to charity
Took care of someone who was sick
Paid medical bills for a family
Left behind a gift card for the next person in line
Donated hair to Locks of Love
Held a family gathering to remember Mia
Made Mia stickers for cars
Provided dental services 
Purchased drinks for everyone in line 
Took flowers to the teachers at school
Donated prizes to the lab at Primary Children's
Delivered cookies - (lots of cookie deliveries) 
Placed flowers on graves at local cemetery
Helped reconnect two family members
Raked leaves for a neighbor
Dedicated a cross fit work out to Mia
Handed out quarters for vending machines
Picked apples
Tended children 
Said hello to everyone they saw that day
Weeded for neighbor
Visited a local rest home
Paid for the next table's food at a restaurant
Delivered pizza
Donated Minnie Mouses to the children's hospital
Dropped off goodies to neighbors
Volunteered at a school
Delivered baskets of goodies to strangers
Mailbox treats

John boy and I handed out gift cards, new shirts and towels to the homeless, 
dropped off Mia's favorite toys to the women and children's shelter, and handed out some of Mia's favorite toys on the beach to children.  It made our hearts happy!

On Mia's angel anniversary I received an email from a friend who has a daughter who also had a heart transplant.  Although it was not a #love4mia act of love, it was so touching to receive on that day I have to include it.  Her daughter gifted her Make-A-Wish gift to her donor's family.  Instead of receiving a wish her self, now the donor's family will enjoy a wish from Make-A-Wish.  This has never been done before in this state, and such a beautiful thing to do for the family that gave you a second chance at life. It was so touching and I immediately thought of how different my life might be if I had done the same thing.  I love this and I love the family that sent me this message on her angel anniversary.   

Just typing up this list I am overwhelmed at the service that was done.  I had a few people contact me who were recipients and their reactions to #love4mia  made me cry.  I am so glad that so many love little Mia, and so many lives were benefited.  Thank you so so so much.  I can't even describe how grateful I am to all of you who participated. Thank you thank you thank you.  
My heart is full of gratitude.  I love her and all of you for loving her!

If you want to spread the word about #love4mia, here is a picture you are more than welcome to use.  You are also welcome to tag me in the #love4mia service that you do on Instagram or Facebook.  I would love to see all of the #love4mia service.  I created this in rhonnafarrer's app.  It's the best!


If you want to print some of these to attach to your #love4mia love, please feel free.  Last year a few of my friends made their own, which I love love love too.