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* Someday I will update this page... I just don't want to yet.  If you've been reading my blog long enough you know that my darling Mia is now in Heaven.  Not having her here with me it is something that plagues my existence and hurts beyond any pain I have felt before.  She is missed every minute of every day!  She returned to Heaven Oct of 2012. We are attempting to continue our lives with returning to Mia as our motivation.  Everyday is a challenge, but I am trying to create a legacy for her that is not one of destruction of her mother.  She filled our lives with so much happiness, it is difficult to begin to describe life with out her, but this blog is my place to try. 

About Me:
My name is Mimi. I am a mother to 4 of the cutest little humans!  They are my life. When they decide to sleep, I get to blog. Their lives are 99% of what you will read about on this blog.  I am highly motivated to document every waking minute (not really) because my long term memory is next to nothing.  I am a wife to JB who totally gets me, and is hilarious beyond husband hilarity.  He indulges/supports me in all of the following:

Me Me (Mimi):
I pretty much love everything and everyone.  I take that back, I pretty much love everything with the exception of Olives, and  empty gas tanks and everyone with the exception of bad guys.  

 I am a documentary junky- and usually go through a phase after watching each one where I implement whatever I learned from it.  There are a lot of thought provoking documentaries out there- go… watch… enjoy!  

I am one of six daughters of two hardest working, knowledgeable, and greatest people I know.  They work and work and on their days off… they work.  I wish I could claim their work ethic, but all of my “hard” working comes as a result of having no choice but to do it. Oh and they have a farm... hence all the work. 

I love to dance! We dance a lot in this house.  I’m reaching an age where my body cannot respond to what my brain is telling it to do.  No more high kicks for me.  My children love to dance too… if music is on…everyone’s groovin’. 

I try to do something young at heart everyday with my children.  This usually ends up being a big fat mess.  We are not big fans of house work... but we get it done.  Eventually. 

CHD Survivor Me:
I was born with aoritic stenosis- I have had three surgeries, and currently live with a donor valve in my heart. This is called the “Ross Procedure.”  The “root” behind my homograft valve is dilating.  It is at a 4.7… when it gets to a 5 (millimeter) I need a repair.  I have never truly been that affected by my heart condition until recently when I had to start taking blood pressure medication.  Now I am dizzy every time I stand up, and have to cough frequently (both side effects).  I am still trying to work out the kinks with my meds, but have lived a healthy life with my heart condition- AND had four children of my own.  Take that!!... Heart defect that should have prevented me from having children.

CHD Mommy Me:
For all of you heart mommies out there- it is WAY more difficult to be the mother than it is to be the patient…in my opinion.  Consider yourselves the unlucky ones in regards to what your kiddo is going through. Don’t get me wrong, what is happening to them is devastating, but the agony of the mother’s heart is far more painful (once recovered from surgery).  The heartbreak I felt in the hospital watching my little Mia cling to life was unbearable.  Please email me if you have any questions. Mia is my CHD baby and is living with an angel heart.  She is possibly the happiest 2 year old on the planet. I can’t get enough of her! We (Mia and Myself) enjoy advocating for organ donation awareness. 

Foodie Me:
I am one of six girls and we all love food.  All food (except olives) and love to talk about it.  Someday I want to grow the food we eat.  My garden this year was a complete disaster. Again, I don’t blog about food because I am a habitually behind in blogging about my children (which is what I want to read about when I’m 60.) I rarely follow a recipe and tend to over spice everything I make.  I love new food ideas, and get a lot of ideas online.  Thank you food bloggers!  

Picture Me:
I absolutely love taking pictures!  Love it!  Capturing my children's lives through images brings such joy to my heart.  My shutter is my BFF and I will always enjoy photography.  Lately I am really enjoying the video side of creating.  Capturing video is really calling to me, and I hope to create some beautiful videos in the next couple months.

My Faith:
I am a member of the LDS church through and through.    I love the LDS culture; I also love laughing at funny things about our culture.  My faith is what brings me happiness and keeps me from going crazy.  I wish everyone would read the Book of Mormon at least once. 

If you have any questions and want to email me directly, my email address is: